Welcome!  You have arrived at the home of a plethora of interests and topics: news, religion, politics, philosophy, art, cooking, consumer technology, and the oversimplification of all things important.

The world is full of interesting and helpful information, amazingly clarifying perspectives, and just really cool stuff – from universal truths and facts to paradigms (or truths within their own sphere of relevancy) to hints that lead us to the right answers eventually.

This tapestry or collage of articles stemmed from the need to serve various Online purposes from 2007-now.  For example, if a family member requested that I help them find a new HDTV, and they were leaning towards plasma technology (before OLED was in wide production), then I’d take my many hours of research on the subject and compile it here into an article on the topic that could benefit even more people.  Or, if I wrote an article in support of California’s Proposition 8, and agreed to allow it to be posted in the West Hollywood News, and then the editor of that production decided to butcher, reword, and post tons of LGBTQ ads throughout it, then I might post some version of my article here where it gets a little more fair treatment and less eye offense to the sexually sensitive.  Or if I found some really awesome historical sources that help contextualize the coming forth of the Mormon church, I may compile it into a ten-hour video/audio lecture-article.

Feel free to read, comment, and explore!