Welcome!  This site was originally created to facilitate my needs for file sharing… which grew to include software that I created… which required a prettier interface. Then came the need to move some of my band’s music off of MySpace.  Then I thought, “Why not add my other self-made music, lyrics, poems, and pictures?”

As a long-time Online-forum contributor, I found that people in social, political and religious discussions pretty much always asked me the same kinds of questions.  So, I decided to answer them via blog articles that could be linked from my Website.  I also love studying a plethora of topics, and thought, “I should share those too.”

As a result, I now have what you see here.  If you use my research or disagree with it, please leave  comment.  If you like it, be sure to let me know by clicking the “Like”/thumbs-up icon attached to the article, song, poem or file.  Thanks.