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Computers and technology are integral to the advancement, utility, unity, and comfort of the human race. These things can be good or bad depending on use and perspective.

Opinion: Where The 2012 Presidential Race is Headed

Joseph Delli Gatti
June 27, 2012

An SFGate article mentioned today that “Romney campaigned Wednesday in Northern Virginia. Obama met with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, was holding an in-town fundraiser and hosting an evening South Lawn picnic for lawmakers.”

So, while Mitt Romney is out raising funds and petitioning the American people in Virginia, Obama is strengthening his ties with big oil, the petrol-dollar, a foreign dictator, and an Arab nation. For verification, see Continue reading

Response to CNET’s “Audio & video software: Need software for burning camcorder videos to DVDs for preservation”

by Joseph Delli Gatti

The price difference up front of a Mac vs a PC causes the average consumer to believe that Macs are more expensive thanPCs.  I jokingly ask them if it’s really worth the savings to sit on the phone with tech support in India all of the time.  And what software do you need to purchase when buying a PC vs buying a Mac?

The following was a question asked by a visitor to the CNET forum found hereContinue reading

My Hackintosh PC (running OS 10.5.4)

Screen shot of my Hackintosh Desktop

By Joseph Delli Gatti

I was watching the MacWorld Expo about four years ago when Steve Jobs explained the workings and advancements with the PowerPC chip.  He sadly explained that the shortening and thinning of the wires on the processor were what allowed for the speed increases and performance boosts, and that the wires had become so thin and short that they stopped carrying a charge.  The G5 PowerPC chip had been maxed out.  You could nearly hear a in drop as Steve explained this.  I imagined people quickly texting all of their traders at investment companies with the message “SELL AAPL!”  

But no sooner had Mr. Jobs said this, he began talking about plan B.  He zoomed in on a building on the Apple campus – very top-secret like.  He explained that every version of OS X had been running on Intel processors in addition to the PPC chips.  He revealed that new macs were going to be built using Intel.  I ran out and bought a PC from a thrift shop that day to try and install it.  I had no luck. Continue reading

Chevy Volt to Emerge in 2010

by Joseph Delli Gatti

As the market tumbles to pre-2004 prices, and oil climbs in price, we find ourselves realizing that the US is becoming a more expensive place to live for the average American Hockey Mom.  While presidential candidates throw out buzz words like “clean coal”, “wind”, “solar”, “drill, baby, drill”, etc. to gain greater public approval, our hearts and interests begin to turn towards greener, cleaner, less-expensive fuels.  According to the presidential candidates, we need to become less-dependent on foreign oil.  One of the easiest remedies appears to be to turn to electricity for an answer.  While this may not provide a fix-all solution, it does provide a partial substitution.   Continue reading

HTML Tips, Shortcuts, and Resources: HTML Part 3

Basic HTML code for myspace and more 

By Joey Delli Gatti

In the <TABLE> tutorial, we made a table and put things in the table cells or <TD>s.  We learned how to combine cells (or make one cell fill the space of X amount of cells.  We also learned a little about the potential of <TABLE>s and about putting tables inside of table cells of a larger table.

A lot of attributes can be specified in tables such as width, height, padding (within cells), spacing (between cells), background=”” (background images), colors, and more.  And, if we want to do something with our tables that we don’t know how to do, we can always search the Internet.  My favorite source is Continue reading

HTML Tables By Hand: HTML Part 2

More HTML Concepts: Tables

By Joey Delli Gatti

OK, so we made a simple page using basic HTML in the HTML By Hand lesson. The object of that lesson was to make some of the lingo, like ‘tag’, more familiar and to demonstrate how easy and fun and addicting that HTML can be.

To follow up on that subject, a few things need to be adressed: sizes and colors. First I’ll adresse sizes.

Sizes can be done in a few different ways, and various browsers react in different ways to each of the methods. The first way is to specify size or any measure as a number like 10, 250, or 800. The second way is to specify by percentages like 10%, 80% or 100%. The third way is to specify in pixels like 10px, 100px or 350px. To find out which things work with each type of sizing method, google “font size HTML” or “table width HTML” etc. Continue reading

How to HTML All By Hand: HTML Part 1

The Beginnings of A Beautiful Page

by Joey Delli Gatti

HTML means Hyper-text Markup Language. It’s not really scripting or programming for the most part. It is just a way to note how you want things viewed on your Web page.

Web pages usually consist of a few basic elements: writing, links, pictures, and sometimes some fancy effects. The fancy effects and page styles and dynamic, personalized pages for each person who visits the site is controlled by scripting and programming language; however, you can make a wonderful page without all of that and with just a little effort. Continue reading

A Fresh Look at Alternative Transportation and Energy

More choices are beginning to imerge…

by Joey Delli Gatti

Since gas prices have gone up to $4 per gallon over the last few weeks, I have seen and heard a lot more motorcycles on the road.  My brother just bought a Honda 1300R and my neighbor just bought a Honda CRF150F for $1,500.  They both get better than 40 MPG.  My wife says that motorcycles are fine if you aren’t married to someone who cares for your well-being and if you have a death wish.  So what about the rest of us?  What about for us poor people who can’t just sell our second cars. Continue reading