The Facade of California’s LGBT Movement

On, I saw a picture of a person holding up a sign that claimed that Mormons (the LDS faith) represented 2 percent of California’s population, but constituted 70 percent of donations to the Prop 8 campaign.  It surprised me that 2 percent of California’s population appears to be so wealthy in proportion to the anti-Prop 8 campaigners, so I did some math.

If this claim were correct, every Mormon man, woman, and child would have to donate $41.76 each on average.  Large stereotypical Mormon families with an average of five children each would be donating an average of $292.33 per family.  These numbers are if every single Mormon family donated.  This would constitute amazing participation – 100 percent participation!

In all truthfulness, the Mormon church itself encouraged its members to be active in supporting Prop 8, but donated no funds at all to the campaign.  This has been investigated to great depths by the anti-Mormon and anti-Prop 8 team, I assure you.

But let’s pretend for hypothetic reasons that every single Californian Mormon member is over 18 years old (739,233 total at 2 percent of the population), contributed to the Prop 8 campaign and voted for it.  Knowing that 5,387,939 voters supported Prop 8, it’s unlikely that this 13.7 percent (via my bloated hypothetical estimate) of the Prop 8 supporters contributed 70 percent of the money.

I don’t believe that the money raised by the pro-Prop 8 population determined the outcome of the vote.  But somehow, this anti-Prop 8 group concluded that money raised equaled purchased votes.  In spite of this claim by this bitter demograph, the anti-Prop 8 group raised nearly 14 percent more money than the Prop 8 supporters to buy votes – yet, still fell short of what was needed to win.

But let’s look at the source of the funds for the ‘No on 8’ campaign.  10.2 percent of all anti-Prop 8 (or ‘No on 8’) donations ($4,507,981) were from just four parties: Bruce Bastian, David Maltz, Robert Wilson, and Equality California.  These four parties have a huge agenda, right?  In the Perry vs Schwarzenegger, the “Perry” (or ‘No on 8’) legal team refused to disclose the sources for its financing, and went to great lengths to hide its funding records from the Prop 8 legal team.  Knowing that just four donors contributed 10 percent, who else might be on that list worth hiding?

Needless to say, homosexual judge Vaughn Walker over the Perry vs Schwarzenegger case, after breaking several laws and rules of his own court, ruled that Prop 8 (an amendment to California’s constitution by this point) was actually unconstitutional, and repealed it… and shortly thereafter announced his engagement to his male partner.  A few high-roller donations and a corrupt judge can destroy a lot in a little time.  And still Mormons, who have a reputation for strong moral and family values, a lasting conviction to God, and a desire to get into Heaven are being spotlighted as the people responsible for hatred and bigotry?  Where are these defamatory claims and corruption truly coming from?

I want to point out that it’s the supporters of homosexual marriage who act illegally, do not respect the vote of the people, and who deceive.

As a native southern Californian, I’m deeply saddened that corruption, government bankruptcy, the general population’s loss of power, and moral decay appears to pervade my home state.  I do suspect that with some professional investigation, the roots of that movement could be lead back to just a small group of individuals or maybe even just one evil person responsible for these anti-American, anti-Mormon/Christian, anti-moral actions.

Well, if you’re interested in knowing how to weed out moral and ethical corruption in the government, I have a great place to start. Find out who supports, endorses, and otherwise promotes corruption in the system and vote them out.  Tell all of your friends and neighbors who these people are, what they stand for, and what they are willing to do once voted into office.

I can make this even easier for you.  The LGBT people (people who claim homosexuality as their identity) are told who and what issues to vote for in every election.  Mostly, the Equality California, a “non-profit” organization puts out a brochure that tells homosexuals and its other PAC members exactly how to vote to further the pro-homosexual agenda.  Upon studying this brochure, you may also notice, oddly enough, an underlying manipulative theme that is even darker and larger than a simple homosexual-lifestyles-promoting agenda, and that the homosexual agenda in California is truly a pillar of a larger and more disturbing cause.

Download this pamphlet, and use it to identify and vote against pro-LGBT candidates and issues.  Let’s get proactive and get this corruption and immorality out of power in California!

(If this link no longer works, simply go to and navigate to the LGBT Voter Guide).  Who thought finding them could be so easy?