Opinion: Where The 2012 Presidential Race is Headed

Joseph Delli Gatti
June 27, 2012

An SFGate article mentioned today that “Romney campaigned Wednesday in Northern Virginia. Obama met with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, was holding an in-town fundraiser and hosting an evening South Lawn picnic for lawmakers.”

So, while Mitt Romney is out raising funds and petitioning the American people in Virginia, Obama is strengthening his ties with big oil, the petrol-dollar, a foreign dictator, and an Arab nation. For verification, see http://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/about_us/170.htm

Here’s what I suspect is happening: with the Euro hurting and on the brink of collapse, the OPEC-oil buyers are switching back to the dollar at least temporarily as the USD becomes by default more stable than the Euro. The result is that the dollar will strengthen in the short term as the big-oil ties are re-strengthened.  Jihadist nations that favor Barrack Obama will also put in their vote for the US presidential election through appealing to the American public via manipulating oil prices through managing oil production. Gas prices will be down, the dollar will be temporarily stronger, and people will find Obama more favorable on the economy than previously.

After the election, it’s likely that the Euro will recover, oil will go back to being expensive, and whoever wins the White House will be left with the economy in the same state it was this past May. Iran will seize the opportunity to show off its nuclear power, and so much for the energy independence and clean-energy pledge of Obama – we’ll add it to the growing and undisputed list of failed political promises.

Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama are nothing alike: not in values, approach or aptitude. Mitt Romney has more education, and a proven track record of action – even working with the other political wing. Obama has been successful at establishing and strengthening relationships with Communist and Jihadist countries, navigating the borders of the Constitution, and in creating executive orders when the other branches of government remain at an impasse.

But, by November, I don’t think that this race will have anything to do with the differences in the approach to the economy, foreign policy, the constitution or immigration. All of those things will appear to have improved at least temporarily for Obama – regardless of whether the country believes merits the benefit or not.

Half the country will still know that Romney’s proposed policies are better than what Obama has done, and the other half of the country will still gloat that Obama’s policies have been successful. Romney supporters will say that Obama either isn’t responsible for the change in the economy or that Obama sat on his butt for 3 1/2 years until pressured by the Romney campaign mere months before the election.

Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal and his lack of transparency through “executive privilege” may break his campaign.  If the Obama administration, MSNBC, and the Obama official campaign can successfully divert America’s attention from these actions for four more months, Obama will have gotten away with a scandal that far outweighs Nixon‘s Watergate scandal.  If he is found to fall within the law of the country where he’s president, Romney will have an easy remaining election.  But with that aspect aside…

What I expect this race will be about in November beyond both sides chanting, “we’re right and you’re wrong.” for all of the past issues will be a complete new issue hidden deep within Mitt Romney’s huge arsenal of weapons. It will likely be a small issue, something of seemingly small consequence – but still, a message that penetrates deeply into the heart of every American citizen. It will be something which against such, Obama has no defense. It will prick Obama to the core – revealing to the nation a key component, and a key flaw in Obama’s idealism, approach, and ability.

I expect that rather than a contest to see who dances most on the morning news shows, a contest of popularity or singing voices or a contest of ability to divide one party from another, this will unite nearly all Americans on common ground.

A key difference in strategies (besides the whole honest -vs- dishonest stuff that will always be debated) is that Barrack Obama’s goal is to weaken and divide the right wing – getting it’s members to vote for multiple candidates. Mitt Romney’s goal is to unite the majority of both parties based on key issues that have not been addressed or fixed by the current administration. The real battle at stake is the letter of the law vs the spirit of the law.

Election day is drawing close – and excitement is growing. In four months, we the people will decide between:

– Obama’s plan: to close the deal with a new kind of government with executive privilege at the top, and a divided nation underneath – where religion is closeted and homosexuality is openly practiced, and where abortion is mandated and wealth is redistributed.


– Romney’s plan: to tear up the foundation and foreign relationships laid by this recent administration; to begin restoring the promises of our forefathers through the Constitution; and to keep capitalism and free enterprise as our means to economical prosperity.

Yes, it’s really that simple.