George W. Bush and Condi Rice – Great American Heroes

Joseph Delli Gatti

July 6, 2012

Many complex issues went into the decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.  If we had not gone to war with those countries, where would we be today?

I occasionally run into people who think that George W. Bush was somehow the devil, the puppet of Dick Cheney, and a mastermind out to destroy the economy.  The liberal media has purported gross misrepresentations in the past about President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condi Rice – and a lot of people have believed those lies.  An objective study can still help people to gain an understanding about what makes both George W. Bush, Condi Rice, and even Dick Cheney heroes and Saviors of the western world.

I know that some skeptics roll their eyes when they read praises about Gee Dubyah and Rice Candy; however, if these same people have taken basic micro and macro economics courses, read up on OPEC, and can follow this insight-offering article, their opinions can very likely change.  Two numbers constitute important factors in evaluating both the Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan (and ultimately the War on Terror): 7 of 12 and 5 of 10.

My father-in-law died in the first Iraq war due complications of chemical warfare exposure. Iraq had WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). It had a lot of time to move them and hide those WMDs as they stalled the UN inspectors. How do we know?  Our country sold those weapons to Iraq years earlier to assist in its earlier war against Iran.  With that out of the way…

OPEC is an international oil cartel made up of several countries (half of which are jihadist muslim nations). Internationally, the US dollar is used for the majority of oil trades; it’s also used for other international investments and trades that don’t involve the US.  The USD truly is a strong international currency.

In 2003, the US had $643 B physical dollars in circulation. About half of that circulated outside of the US (used unofficially as the world currency or petro-currency). In a big way, oil prices depended on the available supply and value of US dollars, and therefore the value of the dollar somewhat hinged on the supply and demand of oil.

In 2001, the jihadist nations of OPEC teamed up to vote to switch from accepting only USDs to excepting only Euros – a move referred to as petrodollar warfare. Venezuela agreed to participate as a jihadist ally too. So, they had 7 of 12 votes (the amount needed). This vote was to take place near the same time as the 9/11 bombings. This is key.

Why were the trade towers bombed? They were considered the economic center of the western world and its allies. The jihadists also tried to bomb the pentagon, the White House, and the Capital building, but for the most part failed. The intention was to wipe out our economic system, our government, and our military decision makers all in one day. They did it at a time when many US economists were already predicting an economic collapse in the US (by 2003).

The world was about to go into panic mode – and would start trying to trade in dollars for euros or some other more stable currency. This would crash the value of the dollar, not just Internationally, but at home too.

Within three days, GW Bush received approval to attack Afghanistan (one of the main OPEC counter-votes), and had the military  bombing there within three days; however, taking Afghanistan out of the equation would now put the vote at 6 of 11 (rather than 7 of 12). We still needed to go after one more jihadist OPEC nation in order to stay the vote to 5 of 10 (a stalemate). Of all the Jihadist nations, Iraq was the most viable option. Additionally, to help secure the trust of our nation’s investors and allies, we also threatened to go into Pakistan and Iran based on the accusation that they were harboring terrorists.

Explaining complex economics, politics, and national safety to the general public isn’t always successful. And this isn’t a complete explanation either. We had knowledge of the WMDs based on reliable intel, and GW’s administration used that as a justification. By the time US and UN inspectors gained access to Iraq’s testing facilities after jumping through all of the hoops, the WMDs were gone. Still, through the war, we militarily controlled the oil territory needed to stay the OPEC currency vote.

Additionally, it was only due to the US and allied forces invading Iraq that Hussein’s mass graves containing up to 400,000 Iraqis were uncovered, that Saddam Hussein was brought to justice for his crimes, that Iraq now now has a multi-party democratic republic, and that even women have the right to vote there.  Billions of US dollars were poured into Iraq’s economy via independent US contractors to provide the Iraqi people with reliable electricity and sewage, construction and other jobs, a better-equipped police force, and better education.  Accompanying the war was the USA’s largest government and private humanitarian efforts ever – all directed to benefit the citizens of Iraq.

The war also prevented uncanny inflation from taking place.  If you think that $2 is a lot for a loaf of bread, and that $4 is a lot for gas, you certainly wouldn’t be happy about prices suddenly going up to $10 for bread and $20 per gallon of gas (these numbers are for illustrative purposes and weren’t calculated). Well, our largest foreign investors (including China, Japan, Europe, and many other nations) wouldn’t have been thrilled either.

The jihadist action against our country was intended to annihilate our economy, incite riots and murder in our country over food, to pit our allies against us in war, and ultimately to destroy the western world.  Instead, all we noticed was that gas was at $4 per gallon, and that bread went up to $2. The value of the USD did change internationally as well based on the new risk that was realized via the attacks on 9/11, and due to the fact that two of the four remaining OPEC jihadist nations went against the vote of the cartel, and switched to the euro anyways.

The jihadist nations’ OPEC members also tried manipulating oil production, etc. when the currency vote didn’t prove effective. However, the welfare states of these jihadist oil nations largely depend on oil revenues – and so do their weapons and bullet expenses. As the US presidential campaigning began to choose Obama as the winner, GW Bush finished off the war in Iraq, and put in a short-term measure to ensure peace in the Middle East via manipulating the oil production (via manipulating demand and the money supply) – basically using the terrorists’ own tactics against them to starve them out (the dollar being tied to oil also works the other way). This would leave the new president in a good position to wrap things up and follow through on his pledge of a sixteen-month complete withdrawal from Iraq, etc. (which oddly enough didn’t happen – we’re still there).

GW Bush and his extremely brilliant and skilled administration, in conjunction with our military and the cooperation of other nations kept the intended damage from happening. US citizens, Iraq, and the western world are all more secure, and more free because of the Bush administration, and specifically because of Condi Rice’s efforts.

To verify this information, you can do a quick Wikipedia lookup for the following topics: Money Supply, United States Dollar, World Currency, Petro-dollars, OPEC, Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, international use of the US dollar.