Why Mitt Romney is The Best Presidential Candidate in The 2012 Election

Joseph Delli Gatti

July 12, 2012

Why is Mitt Romney the best presidential candidate in the 2012 election?  Some supporters of other candidates have called Mitt Romney “out of touch”, have claimed that he’s secretly trying to win the White House to hook up his cronies with tons of money while leaving the working class and poor out to dry.  Or worse – some have referred to him as a flip-flopper.

For people who say Mitt Romney is somehow out of touch, they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. He can relate to the rich, the middle-class, and the poor – as where most of his critics can only relate to one of these demographs.

Mitt Romney can relate because he served a 2-year full-time volunteer mission for his church. He lived in rat-hole French apartments with other missionaries, knocked doors, and worked hard.  He had to learn to survive in a different cultural environment, and to communicate in a foreign language.  He nearly died in a car accident (which was fatal for one of the other passengers) and was presented with the opportunity to return home to his father.  He refused, and continued to work among the lower and middle-class of France.

When Mitt Romney was first married, he and Anne lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment where they had and began to raise their first child – just like many other college students living in the small college town.  Mitt Romney earned his Bachelor Degree in English at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

Later, Mitt Romney held down a normal full-time job to support his family while also working 30+ hours per week as an unpaid local church leader.  He did this for 10 years.  As a church leader, he worked with people one-on-one who were financially burdened, going through divorce, dealing with addictions, and facing other daily challenges that the lower and middle classes face.

Mitt Romney also became one of only fifteen students to enroll at the new (dual major) joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration four-year program coordinated between the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.  There he excelled and graduated at the top 5% of his class.  Mitt Romney found a niche for his natural talents, high mental aptitude, and his distinguished education.  He worked at Bain Capital for 25 years funding and helping startup companies, and repairing tanking and corrupt companies  – most of which businesses would have lived much shorter lives without the added investment and leadership skills of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.  Contrary to the misleading attack ads of other campaigns, buying already successful companies that have little room for additional growth and running them into the ground isn’t where money is generally made in the venture-capitalist markets – and it’s asinine to claim that Romney intended to make money by harming people.

Nobody can justifiably claim that Mitt Romney is out-of-touch for saying, “Corporations are people. Corporations are made of people.” and then also claim in the next breath that Mitt Romney was a vulture capitalist who hurt the people who make up these big, evil, greedy corporations. It’s a two-faced and dishonest claim.

Mitt Romney left his active roll at Bain Capital to save the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City that had been utterly decimated with corruption. Mitt Romney put $5 million of his own money into fixing the games.  He used the skills that made him so successful at Bain to completely revitalize the organization and the Olympic Games. When it proved to be wildly successful and profitable, he was given a paycheck, which he donated to charity.

As first-hand witness to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, I was amazed to see how Mitt Romney was able to pull the state together to get volunteers, etc. and save the Olympics.  It was likely the largest coordinated multi-lingual and multi-cultural volunteer effort in the world.

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney refused his paycheck and generous benefits package, and instead worked for free for four years.  One of his main accomplishments there was that he successfully lead a bi-partisan effort to repair a corrupt and damaged state healthcare system. He vetoed several things hat still made it into the final 70+ page law; however, overall, he got one of the most liberal states in the nation to move towards free markets and enterprise to fix it.  To see Mitt talk about the differences between the Massachusetts healthcare legislation and ObamaCare, check out this candid interview done at a business school in Massachusetts in 2010: http://youtu.be/f_wuYjV1RZs

Mitt Romney, in addition to paying 15 percent of his income to taxes, gives over 10 percent of his annual income to his church, and donates another 20 percent of his income to various charities and non-profit organizations. Total, Mitt takes home only 65 percent of what he earns.

Both as a total dollar amount and as a percentage of his income, Mitt Romney donates more to charitable causes than any Democrat in the federal government. In addition to this, Mitt Romney has dedicated a great portion of his life to volunteer service, and continues to do so – even while campaigning.

I’m grateful not to have to vote between the lesser of two evils like we had to in 2008. We have likely the best presidential candidate of our lifetime in this election.

Mitt Romney is a good man who had a “stellar” business career and a proven track record of turning around corrupt and failing organizations both in the public and the private sector. He has a lifetime of executive-leadership experience. He has proven to be a man of action – successfully addressing and finding equitable resolutions to bi-partisan issues.  He has proven his dedication to his family, his faith, and his country.  No other candidate in this election is as qualified to be our president as Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney will make a great president.