Why Condoleezza Rice For VP is Just Fine For Evangelicals

By Joseph Delli Gatti –
July 17, 2012

If you do a google search for Condi Rice, you’ll find a lot of buzz surrounding the name that has become one of Mitt Romney’s most likely VP picks. Several recent online news reports claim that Condi Rice would lose Mitt Romney the evangelical vote. Condi Rice would likely increase the religious vote. Here’s why:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden both support homosexual marriage and a woman’s right to choose an abortion for any reason. Barack Obama has ultimately declared war on freedom of religion through his healthcare mandates.  When faced with the alternatives, Condi Rice is an absolute saint.

Although Condi Rice has been vague when asked questions about the subject of abortion, she has declared that she is against late-term abortions, and has described them as “really pretty cruel”.  She did say that she doesn’t want to see the laws changed, but that she thinks “abortion is a terrible thing“, and she “hope[s] that there will be fewer and fewer“.  She did not explain what she considers to be a good reason for such a terrible thing.

Most people who are pro-life recognize that abortion is justified in certain situations: when the mother’s life is endangered, if the baby is dead in the womb, in cases of rape and incest, and when the baby is likely to be too deformed or unable to live long or to function without significant and cost-prohibitive medical assistance outside of the womb (babies born without brains, hearts or other vital parts).

In the research that I conducted, Condi could not be found saying that she thought lifestyle-saving abortions, down-syndrome or retarded-baby abortions or sex-preference abortions should be tolerated.  It’s not clear even if she understands or has studied the details of laws concerning abortion.  Still, even while holding a “moderately pro-choice” position (as some journalists have claimed), Condi Rice holds a much more conservative view on the issue than both Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  She would also not be in a position that would place her in charge of abortion laws, nor has she demonstrated that she would become an activist for abortion rights.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have not only come out in favor of any and all types of abortion, but President Obama has authored a healthcare bill that should turn any practicing Catholic, protestant, Jew or Mormon into an avid Mitt Romney supporter.  ObamaCare doesn’t just represent the largest tax increase ever on the middle class after saying that he wouldn’t raise taxes on any family making less than $250,000 nor on any individual making less than $200,000.  And ObamaCare isn’t just a mandate for the people who have to buy it – President Obama has also mandated that all healthcare agencies provide birth control, and appease any and all requests made for abortion.

Beyond substantially increasing everyone’s taxes to fund such things as drug needles for drug addicts, STD care for the homosexuals and lifestyle-saving abortions for the sexually promiscuous and irresponsible, this nationalized healthcare also limits care to the elderly and to children.

Barack Obama’s campaign has shown a lack of class and integrity on several fronts. During his presidency, he has funded the shipping of hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas. Meanwhile, to demonstrate that he sides with Americans on this issue, he has complained that Olympic shirts were made in China and that China is acting unfairly with the tire trade. Meanwhile GM, a bailed-out auto company, just sent a large percentage of its production overseas including the Cadillac and the Chevy Volt (a car that Obama subsidizes through taxes). After the auto industry’s recent success turned out to be cars made in China for the Chinese, and Mr. Obama’s ratings sank, Mr. Obama quietly authorized the US government to buy up bail-out cars to make the car companies appear more successful in the US.  This is just one instance of many other examples of Barack Obama trying to plug the holes in his nose-diving campaign.

Beyond this, Barack Obama has released several attack ads against Mitt Romney that do more to soil the Obama campaign than to point out any real flaw of Mitt Romney. Here is one example:

Mitt Romney released his infamous and damaging blow to the Obama presidency via the Solyndra press conference.  The Solyndra scandal dealt with President Obama pandering to his biggest campaign donors by donating billions of taxpayer dollars to their alternative-energy companies.  Many of these companies failed, are being investigated by the FBI and other agencies for criminal corruption or are nearly failing.  Solyndra received $535 million in funding in spite of warnings and objections by Barack Obama’s advisors  – clear up until the month the manufacturer closed its doors for good.

Obama’s response to the Solyndra event was a counter-attack ad aimed at Mitt Romney who, as governor, gave $1.5 million to a committee to invest in green-energy research.  Seven years after the investment, the company targeted by the green-energy committee went bankrupt.  This bankruptcy took place long after Mitt Romney finished his governorship.  The Obama campaign stretched beyond the truth and called this Mitt Romney’s Solyndra.

Multiplying $1.5m by all 50 states, Mitt’s total loss would have been $75 million – less than 15 percent of Solyndra’s loss – and Solyndra was not the only corrupt and failing business in Mr. Obama’s donation circle.  Barack Obama’s response to the Solyndra scandal resinated as a weak slap in the face to millions of American voters who had voted against John McCain in 2008.

Obama has shown other honesty issues as seen below:

1a.  Obama claims in 2011 that he can’t just create an executive order to allow illegal immigrants to stay:


1b.  During election season, just after an ominous dip in Barack Obama in the election polls, he wrote up an executive order to allow illegal immigrants to stay:


2a.  In 2009, Obama claims, “That’s why today, I’m pledging to cut the deficit that we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office.”


2b.  The deficit has increased every year until present:


3a.  In 2010, Obama adamantly opposed the notion that ObamaCare was a tax:


3b.  In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare was constitutional based on the fact that it is a tax.  This was also the argument of Obama’s lawyer during the hearing to decide the constitutionality of ObamaCare:


4a.  When entering office, Obama claimed that he would not raise any taxes on any families making less than $250,000 annually:


4b.  In 2012, Obama gave the middle class the highest income tax increase ever in addition to the capital-gains tax increase at the beginning of his term:


These four examples do not constitute all of the in-context lies by Barack Obama and his campaign, but do conform to the fact that Barack Obama is a pathological liar.  While some cultures justify lying for the greater good – especially for the greater good of society, the Christian culture and Christianity’s commonly understood theology teach that  “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.” – The Bible, Proverbs 19:9

Condi Rice, even when avoiding being revealing, refuses to be dishonest.  She would also be the 2nd in command behind President Romney.  If Barack Obama and Joe Biden are 80 percent liberal and unreligious, and more than 50 percent of the population is less than 80 percent liberal, then it’s conceivable that Condi Rice could still be 75 or 80 percent liberal, bring in many liberal voters (especially the somewhat liberal voters) while not losing any conservative or evangelical votes at all due to the alternative.  And logic dictates that voting for anyone other than Mitt Romney is at minimum a passive vote in favor of Barack Obama.

Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama have come out of the closet as extreme liberals, and as anti-Christians (see the “unreligious” link above).  In that light, they can’t pick up many voters to the right of their own position – especially not the traditional Catholic Democrats.  The Obama presidency and campaign essentially cut off the possibility of unifying America, and their strategy can only be to create contention, divide, and then conquer.

Mitt Romney is moderately conservative, and already on his way to high polling numbers.  And with a slightly less conservative and less religious running mate, could easily pick up the majority of the moderate centrist votes without losing the evangelical vote.  However, a warning to the Romney campaign: I think we can expect Barack Obama to drop Joe Biden for Hilary Clinton pretty quickly if Mitt Romney’s VP pick does turn out to be Condi Rice.  This would up the energy level in this race and likely make it a very close contest November 6 this year.