Open letter to The National Boy Scouts of America Council Concerning Its Policy Supporting Traditional Family Values

Because this topic is of vital importance, I wanted to share my open letter to the voting members of the national council for the Boy Scouts of America concerning the upcoming “morally straight” policy vote.

Dear voting members of the national committee,

Some advocates for changing the “morally straight” policy of the BSA insinuate that all BSA participants can find cohesion based on tolerance – extreme tolerance only exercised by all members and chartering organizations that appreciate the long-standing national policy as is.

This one-sided tolerance essentially denotes that we would embrace behavior that we’re morally compelled to resist and repel – for the direct purpose of accommodating the opposing behavior and lifestyle. It would only serve to tie our hands behind our backs so that the homosexual ideals and behavior could have a place to flourish within the organization as well as to facilitate the promotion of homosexuality to the rest of society.

I’ll start with morality. Morality is essential – not just a relativist morality, but a morality that is handed down from God, and accepted by mankind. Our country proudly claims to be “one nation under God.” That means that, as a nation, we accept a general moral code authored by God, and that we recognize that living according to those laws provides our nation its strength along with all the blessings of life, liberty, and our ability to pursue happiness.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wisely said, “How does one determine whether a law is just or unjust? A just law is a man-made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.”

Some of the likely effects of homosexuality to the individuals directly involved are

+ Astronomically higher rates of HIV/AIDS and other STDs
+ Life expectancy of 8-21 years less than the average heterosexual
+ High rates of associated drug, alcohol, and other damaging addictions
+ Elevated rates of pedophilia, statutory rape, and other associated abuses
+ Family relationship instability and high rates of depression
+ Abnormally high disposition to other sexual devices and fetishes

Some of the effects to society, communities, families, and friends of homosexuals are

+ Elevated healthcare costs and higher taxes to support increased health risks, etc.
+ Greater concern of STDs or blood-born illnesses in first aid and medical assistance
+ Loss of bodily privacy and higher costs associated with trying to preserve that privacy in public bathrooms, barracks, and locker rooms
+ Erosion and confounding of other societally accepted laws that preserve our liberties and safety (freedom of religion, freedom of speech, marriage laws, child-protective laws)
+ Overall loss of the spirit of brotherhood and fraternity in society – replaced by fear, confusion and anger as intentions become unclear and more frequently sexually/romantically motivated
+ Effacing and otherwise diminishing validity of procreative intercourse

These aren’t intended to provide a full list, but hint at the natural consequences of homosexuality. Additionally, we need to consider the value (or lack of value) presented by homosexual acts. No child was ever created from a homosexual relationship, but families are often destroyed by an individual’s decision to experiment or engage in homosexual behavior or relationships. Outside of entertaining the lusts of individuals involved, it provides nothing to society. There is no reason for society to protect, recognize or even tolerate it.

God and nature tell us that homosexuality is overall harmful – not just a malediction to the individuals who choose to abuse themselves and their partners with this behavior, but also a consequential devastation to society as a whole. Homosexuality is irrefutably immoral.

Even as our country permits moral relativism and freedom of expression to abound, they are both still expected to fall within certain absolute moral bounds. We have to agree to abide by and promote this absolute morality as a collective unit or our societal glue ceases to exist, and the blessings promised through the law disintegrate.

The LGBT movement acts in opposition to God’s law, and to our just laws as described by Martin Luther King, Jr. The founding fathers understood the foundation of law, and many of our current state governments and citizens have attested to this moral foundation through anti-sodomy laws, and more recently affirmation of just traditional-marriage laws.

As a private organization made up of mostly religious charters and males of nearly all ages who adhere to a belief in God, we ought to stand as a beacon of morality and as adherents to just and moral laws authored by God Himself. We ought to epitomize the values responsible for successful nuclear families – the absolute foundation of successful communities, states, and nation – even as some other organizations may crumble around us, and our own numbers may shrink. The BSA may seek to serve all boys, but to what detriment and for what end? The success of this organization is only important if it continues to do its best to stand honorably and face the world in rectitude.

The Boy Scouts of America can continue to stand its moral ground or it can lose its long-standing reputation and respect. I believe that as this organization reaffirms its position on morality, it will provide courage to other organizations that have been badgered by these extremely abrasive special-interest associations. As Eagle Scouts, the Scout Oath has the potential to serve us well beyond our childhood so that we might, with greater and matured capacity, add God-sanctioned value wherever we work, serve, and play throughout our country and throughout our lives. Always remember that

On my honor I will do my best
to do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
to help other people at all times;
to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

Joseph Delli Gatti
BSA Registered Adult Scout Leader and former Eagle Scout