Petition the Boy Scouts of America to Keep The “Morally Straight” Policy in Place

Friends of the Boy Scouts of America, Please sign this petition to show your support for the BSA to keep its “morally straight” policy in place.  Please have your friends of scouting sign it too.

LGBT&P activist groups (some well funded) have been harassing the BSA for over 15 years to shut down or change its membership policy to include child and adult homosexuality. Without your active support, the efforts of those activist groups inflict great damage. In their most recent effort, they managed to raise 1.4 million signatures from activists all over the world to present to the national BSA council.

Let’s put a stop to these bullies. They have attempted to keep the BSA in court with frivolous law suits, attempted and succeeded in some instances to strip away land and funding from the BSA, and have launched a horrific media campaign against the BSA.

Please support the BSA, and sign this petition, let them know that you won’t stand by and let this 100-year-old, reputable boys organization be bullied. The BSA has the right as a private organization to determine its membership policy based on moral standards.

The Liberty Action Committee is a non-profit law organization that is helping with this petition for free. Please support them as well.

My personal goal is 2,000,000+ signatures. Please sign the petition here:

You may also let the BSA know how you feel by sending an email directly to their national headquarters by clicking this link: