This page contains several fun little applications for Macs running OS X. All of the links are direct download links or are direct links to pages at other reputable sites.

All applications by me are considered donation ware (ie: MagicDesktopSwitch, MUSAWidget, and MagicWand). This means that they are free to use. If you have a few dollars, then donate a few dollars (it keeps me inspired to continue creating and improving apps).

Apps by me:

MagicDesktopSwitch – version 1.1  Version 1.1 has been updated to be able to start your screensaver background automatically at login.  Just drag and drop your MagicDesktopSwitch app into the LogIn Items under your username in your “Accounts” System Preference pane.The icon has a fresh new look, and the dialog box has been simplified. appledownloads Softpedia cnet
ShowHideSwitch[1] ShowHideSwitch (hides/shows hidden files with the click of a button)  This app comes in two versions: ShowHideSwitch and SHSwitch-SE (Streamlined Edition). ShowHideSwitch toggles hidden or visible files at lightning speed.
icon3[1] MUSAWidget for OSX.4.3 to X.9.x  MUSA is the Marriott School Undergraduate Student Association.  MUSA was founded during the 2005-2006 school year with the purpose of uniting the undergraduate student body at the Marriott School of Management.  All undergraduate students are members.  Keep up with the latest activities and events with this widget. appledownloads
makedoc  (V 0.9) Have you ever worked on a document and then didn’t remember where you saved it? You can fix this by pre-selecting the location for your document.  Pin this into your Dock, and when you click it, it pre-saves a new blank document (select what type) in the folder of your choice – all ready to open and use.
magicwand[1] MagicWand.zipThis is a goofy application that is guaranteed to make you laugh. It demonstrates the magic words to make a dialog box disappear after 10 seconds.note: MagicWand is written in AppleScript. Open it up in ScriptEditor and the secret of what makes it tick. Any comments, suggestions, or praises are welcome.

Other Great Apps (by others):

fenetres[1] Fenêtres VolantesYou are making no use of your windows? Fenêtre volantes puts them in flight! After some idle time that can be set in the System Preferences, the windows take off the screen and flutter in the void. On a mouse move, the windows immediately come back and stick to their original position.MacOS X 10.4.6 Tiger or above. Donations to this developer are welcome and encouraged.
 MenuMetersIcon[1] MenuMetersMenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for Mac OS X.Mac OS 10.2-10.6, PPC and Intel.  Donations welcome.

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