Solo Music Projects

This page contains music I’ve made by myself, and music I’ve made with family and friends.  Feel free to click on the song titles to listen to them.  One day, I may put a few of these songs in the iTunes music store.  Some of these are works in  progress.  Enjoy!

PS, if you download any music to keep or you want to encourage more music production, please donate to my paypal account via this link.

Vegan Holiday

 Vegan Holiday: (me and Paul): Punk Rock

This comical song is about a boy who raises a turkey, becomes its BFF, and then finds out that mom and dad like the turkey too… for dinner.


2 In Love: (me): Punk Rock

This song is about a special first date.


Iron Jim: (me): Punk/Ska/Funk

Mostly instrumental.  I may add more lyrics later or collaborate with a hip hop artist I know to finalize it.


Surf Song: (me): Punk Instrumental

I may add lyrics to this eventually… right now, it’s just the guitar with some generic club-type drums.

Standing BesideMe

Standing Beside Me: (me): guitar and vocal

This song is about reconciliation and receiving forgiveness (rough cut)


I Want You Back: (me and Ellie): Girl Metal

This song plays off of a stereotypical scenario about a girl who dumps a guy because he’s a bum, and then takes him back because she’s desperate.  It’s still a work and progress and will be uploaded when it’s more complete.

My Baby: (me): A song about the birth of one of my children. TBA
DeadMandM A Nigga’s Xmas (me and Paully): This song was written by me and Paully near the end of high school.  This satirical song is about a wannabe gangster that gets himself in trouble in the hood at Christmas time.
description TBA

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