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The Plight Before Christmas

The Plight Before Christmas
Joseph Delli Gatti

T’was the night before Christmas, and there he sat –
a boy and his friend, an old alley cay.
There were holes in his stockings, and his clothes were rags.
He sat writing a Christmas list on an old paper bag.

He didn’t want much, just one little thing:
a beautiful present that only Santa could bring.
Then the boy hung his socks from an old garbage can
to be filled with goodies by the jolly red man.

He curled up in some newspaper right next to his kitten,
thinking of Christmas and the list he had written.
and there he slept on the cold city street
tired and dirty with nothing to eat.

He awoke the next morning and rubbed his eyes
for what he saw was a shocking surprise!

His socks had been stolen; no presents were near.
There was no sign of Santa nor his eight tiny reindeer.
The boy wept softly and held his kitten tight.
So, merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

All I Want For Christmas Is… : affordable and handmade gift ideas

by Joseph Delli Gattiholly

Every year my mailbox gets flooded with Christmas cards and customized Christmas-greeting letters containing yearly updates on friends and family that don’t live close by, but who value friendship and the preservation of close relationships even over great distances.  

When I receive these, not only do I get to share in the accomplishments and progress of my friends, but I feel invited as an important participant in their lives.  My joys are their joys, and theirs are mine.  It’s neat to see that a friend has had a baby or that someone landed a sweet job or that another kid just got sent to Brazil on an LDS mission.  It’s nice to know that people you love or people who you didn’t know loved you send a card to let you know that they thought of you during the holiday season.   Continue reading