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The Unchangeable Definition of Marriage

by Joseph Delli Gatti

Marriage has become a hot topic, not just online, but in the news, in political campaigns, and in the courts around the country.  There seems to be a lot of confusion about what marriage is or what it can be.  I find myself somewhat amazed that five states in our nation have actually conceded that, not only is a homosexual “marriage” possible, but that the state should recognize homosexual relationships as publicly accepted marriages – to be held in the same esteem by society as a heterosexual marriage.  I certainly disagree.

A lot of explanations exist online as to why homosexual relationships should or shouldn’t be recognized as marriages.  Many articles discuss civil rights and equality for homosexuals, whether or not homosexuality is inborn, and whether or not homosexuals can control what is perceived by a majority of Americans as immoral behavior (see states that approve of/acknowledge homosexual marriages).  All of the articles that I have read on the subject erred in their focus.   Continue reading

The Truth About Politically Extreme States:

Make your Vote Count

by Joey Delli Gatti

There are basically two parties that exist nationally in the US today: Republican and Democrat.  Other parties exist locally but are rarely represented on a national level.  Being that these two parties vastly dominate the United States’ political arena, the country is also set up to chose only one or the other for all of the three branches of national government.   Continue reading