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HTML Tables By Hand: HTML Part 2

More HTML Concepts: Tables

By Joey Delli Gatti

OK, so we made a simple page using basic HTML in the HTML By Hand lesson. The object of that lesson was to make some of the lingo, like ‘tag’, more familiar and to demonstrate how easy and fun and addicting that HTML can be.

To follow up on that subject, a few things need to be adressed: sizes and colors. First I’ll adresse sizes.

Sizes can be done in a few different ways, and various browsers react in different ways to each of the methods. The first way is to specify size or any measure as a number like 10, 250, or 800. The second way is to specify by percentages like 10%, 80% or 100%. The third way is to specify in pixels like 10px, 100px or 350px. To find out which things work with each type of sizing method, google “font size HTML” or “table width HTML” etc. Continue reading