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My Hackintosh PC (running OS 10.5.4)

Screen shot of my Hackintosh Desktop

By Joseph Delli Gatti

I was watching the MacWorld Expo about four years ago when Steve Jobs explained the workings and advancements with the PowerPC chip.  He sadly explained that the shortening and thinning of the wires on the processor were what allowed for the speed increases and performance boosts, and that the wires had become so thin and short that they stopped carrying a charge.  The G5 PowerPC chip had been maxed out.  You could nearly hear a in drop as Steve explained this.  I imagined people quickly texting all of their traders at investment companies with the message “SELL AAPL!”  

But no sooner had Mr. Jobs said this, he began talking about plan B.  He zoomed in on a building on the Apple campus – very top-secret like.  He explained that every version of OS X had been running on Intel processors in addition to the PPC chips.  He revealed that new macs were going to be built using Intel.  I ran out and bought a PC from a thrift shop that day to try and install it.  I had no luck. Continue reading