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Opinion: Where The 2012 Presidential Race is Headed

Joseph Delli Gatti
June 27, 2012

An SFGate article mentioned today that “Romney campaigned Wednesday in Northern Virginia. Obama met with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, was holding an in-town fundraiser and hosting an evening South Lawn picnic for lawmakers.”

So, while Mitt Romney is out raising funds and petitioning the American people in Virginia, Obama is strengthening his ties with big oil, the petrol-dollar, a foreign dictator, and an Arab nation. For verification, see http://www.opec.org/opec_web/en/about_us/170.htm Continue reading

Obama Uses The Race Card To Strong-arm Votes

by Joseph Delli Gatti

In an MSNBC interview conducted not too long ago, I watched as Michelle Obama made the statement when asked about the African American vote: “Black Americans will wake up and get it.”  

This was shocking not only to me, but to a great deal of black voters as well.  One news anchorman confirmed that he thought that it was a racist comment – saying something to the effect that maybe “black America” was made up of individuals with their own minds who maybe wanted to vote for Hilary.  His point was that their skin color does not obligate them to vote for Obama.   Continue reading